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It is the Board's responsibility to determine the likelihood that a sexual offender will engage in another crime against a victim who is a minor, or a dangerous sexual offense.Assessments will be used by the SORRB to determine the risk level of the offenders."He is a menace to society right now," said the victim, who didn't want to be identified."He is a risk to everyone in sight." Kelly was released in 2007, and now he's nowhere to be found.

Misdemeanor convictions and offenses adjudicated in juvenile court are exempted from the registration statutes.For a period of five years, Anderson molested Ki Ki hundreds of times. Who's to say the next person he won't do that to?He was the step-father she should have trusted, but feared instead. " Anderson is now out of jail, and surprisingly, his criminal history has disappeared from Georgia's sex offender registry."You don't, if that person is no longer on the registry," said Bankhead.

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed to CBS Atlanta that for a variety of reasons, 809 sex offenders have been removed from the state's registry in the last 15 months.Richard Kelly, another convicted sex offender, was found guilty on two counts of aggravated child molestation for molesting two young kids.

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