Random chat sex oriented

16-Jun-2016 07:00

I said i wanted to have sex and she said she didnt feel comfy going to my house for that since we just met but she said"well there is a bathrooom" I then suggested"ok how about i give you 50 dollars and my phone number and you call me whenever you need money and want to come to my house" I then told her" i want a sloppy blowjob in the bathroom follow me in"She agreed. Cartman: Well I was standing out in a field and I had this huge satellite dishsticking out of my butt, and then there were hundereds of cows and aliens, andthen I went up on the ship, and Scott Baio gave me pinkeye! I said"i want you to make me happy in a way a woman can for a man" She giggled and started asking questions asking what shes worth etc and what i wanted .However, some social commentators argue that some modern women objectify themselves as an expression of their empowerment.

Just allll those signs that she was an easy target.

Hankey: Aaaah Cartman: You get you bitch ass back in the kitchen, and make me some pie!